Welcome to the official CryptoAI whitepaper.

Here you will find all the important information about our project, our vision, and how we are aiming to revolutionize the way Artificial Intelligence is linked to cryptocurrencies. You can browse the parts of the whitepaper as you please to pick up information using the column on your left, or read it in order, to keep it consistent. It has been designed so that both types of reading are possible. All of the images used in this whitepaper have been generated by our Multi-AI bot. Should you have any questions related to the content of this whitepaper or the project itself, our staff will answer to you in our Telegram group. You will also find an FAQ section at the end of this whitepaper. We remind you that the only official contract adress of our token is: 0xf36c5f04127f7470834ed6f98bddc1be62aba48d
Our Tokenomics:
Total supply: 100,000,000 $CAI tokens. Max transaction: 1% (1M tokens). Max bag: 1% (1M tokens).
85% of the total supply goes to the Uniswap's liquidity pool. 15% of the total supply is reserved for CEXs listings, partnerships, and team (vested).
Our taxes:
All the links you need:
🌎 Website. 🐦Twitter. (our first Twitter Space AMA can be found here) 📈 Chart. 🦎 Coingecko.
Coinmarketcap. 🧾 Etherscan. 🤖 Telegram bots: CryptoBuys, ContestAI, Multi-AI, RaidAI, DirectSwap. 💳 Centralized Exchanges: MEXC, Bitget. 📰 Press articles: Benzinga, StreetInsider, MarketWatch... [the list here] 🔒 Our first audit. Summary: Foreword: Artificial Intelligence as the fourth industrial revolution.
V.1.5 changes:
  • Modification of the $CAI ecosystem: the buyback and burn system linked to ads became a staking-reward system.
  • Addition of a new section about a sixth bot: "Analyzer-AI: the perfect tool to analyze your trader self".
  • Addition of the /dream and /realise functions in the MultiAI section.
  • Addition of a security paragraph in the DirectSwap section.
  • Modification of the DirectSwap ecosystem: a 1% tax for non-holders that will be redistributed via staking.
  • Minor addition to the RaidAI section: 24/7 contests and prizes autosent by our bot.
  • Minor additions to the whole whitepaper: new videos, new links, etc.
V.1.6 changes:
  • Addition of a new section about a seventh bot: "VideoAI: AI generated videos in the blink of an eye".
  • Minor additions and modifications to the whole whitepaper: new images, new links, etc.